Is the exterior of your home coated with 'Grit'?

Does it look old and weather beaten?

Have your Facias and Soffits been coated in the same?

The grit finish can hide a multitude of problems, including damp and rot within the studwork and panels.

Unlike textured coated homes the grit finish is not paintable, so you are stuck with the same colour.

Surveyors dislike surveying gritted homes as they are unable to provide a true appraisal of the condition of the panels and studwork.

Properties with a textured finish, in the main have a higher re-sale value than those with a grit finish.

Textured finished properties are more appealing to potential buyers especially if they have just been painted.

Park Home Maintenance can remove grit and apply a textured coating with a pattern and colour of your choice.

We start by grounding off all the grit.

We then check each exterior panel individually especially around the windows and door frames. If any rot is found we completely remove the offending panel and check the studwork beneath. If there is any rot to the studwork we cut that away and replace with new treated timber. We then affix a new Marine Ply panel.

We then re-seal around all the windows and doors, apply two coats and primer.

We then change the total appearance of your home, by applying a thick coat of textured finish with a pattern and colour of your choice from the manufacturers colour chart.