Many people say to themselves my home is in a good condition and we don't need to have a Maintenance Contract. But :

How much would it cost to callout someone if you had a problem?

Could you trust the person to give you a fair estimate in an emergency?

Could you actually find an emergency call out firm who would come out immediately without charging you in excess of £100.00?

Our maintenance scheme offers you a free 24 hour emergency telephone number with no call out charges.

Our Maintenance Contract Scheme also covers full inspection of the following:

  1. Your home will be inspected twice a year.
  2. Alter and grease jacks as required.
  3. Check waste pipes and repair minor leaks.
  4. Check exposed timbers under home for damp or rot.
  5. Check all windowsills and re-seal where required.
  6. Check all window openings and lubricate and re-seal as required.
  7. Check two external doors, lubricate and re-seal as required.
  8. Check all exterior panels and drip rail for signs of damp.
  9. Check entire roof for any signs of movement or rust.
  10. Check the flue for signs of movement.
  11. Check all fascia's, soffits and bargeboards.
  12. Check all gutters and downpipes for leaks and repair any seals.
  13. Clean out gutters twice each year if required.
  14. Check loft space for damp if required.
  15. Check all window hinges and lubricate as required.
  16. Check air vents for adequate circulation.
  17. Check internal walls for damp
  18. Check ceilings for damp
  19. Check electrical sockets to insure a good polarity.
  20. Check all internal plumbing for leakage..
  21. Jet wash paths and patios, once a year if requested.
  22. No call out charges
  23. Free access to 24 hour emergency telephone number.

Our yearly Maintenance Contract Scheme not only gives you peace of mind, it also gives you access to our 24 hour emergency hotline 365 days a year.

Our Maintenance Contact Scheme costs £275.00 per annum which is less than 76p per day, not much to pay for peace of mind.