The roof of your Residential Park Home or Static Caravan should be looked after before anything else. If the roof leaks it can cause immeasurable damage to the internal fixtures and fittings of your home.

The roof should be kept free from moss and algae.

These roofs are constructed of metal sheets and should be checked on a regular basis for signs of rust or movement. The flue if applicable should also be checked on a regular basis.

There should be in place, a good quality Damp Proof Strip along both edges of the roof. This should be sitting within the gutters at the lower edge to ensure that rainwater runs away freely.

Park Home Maintenance is now pleased to offer a roof coating service.

We use a revolutionary touch and flexible thermoplastic roof coating.

 Roofproof has excellent water relent properties.

The coating contains additives that help prevent the re-growth of unsightly mould, moss and lichens.

This coating is ideal for most types of roof services.

Roofproof creates finish that looks like a new roof.

The coating is available in a choice of six colours enabling you to choose one to suit your environment.

Park Home Maintenance guarantees the application for a period of ten years.